WILDOCEANS Whale Time Project

As people growing up in a coastal city such as Durban, one can fall in love with the ocean very easily. The smell of the ocean breeze, the calmness of its waves, the breathtaking view of its water, can bring happiness without realization. However, when you take away this instant view and look deeper into its waters you will find that there is a whole other world yet to be explored. WILDOCEANS Whale Time Project contributes significantly to the exploration of one of the oceans greatest creatures, whales. The project specifically looks to the humpback whales that migrate annually along […]

The vast open ocean.

First time experience on a whale watching trip

I can remember clearly the skipper telling us “please make use of the railings on the boat as we will be travelling at different speeds”. I thought to myself “been on one boat, been on them all, no big deal”, but then my heart started pounding, you know the sound, “lub dub, lub dub” and then it started sinking in that I had just consented to go into the middle of the ocean with a group of people I barely know, to see whales that will probably be larger than the boat itself. Just as my mind was racing, so […]