About Us

Umhlanga Ocean Charters T/A Whale and Dolphin Tours.durban is a registered Pty (Ltd) Company.

Our skippers have been on the sea all their life and have vast experience in the ocean.

The vision of our company is to build a successful, viable and sustainable operation that benefits both our community and our environment. To achieve this we believe that, as a community is to benefit from the environment, the environment must also benefit from the community. That is to say the relationship is symbiotic. We have committed to working alongside and with our community in the following ways:
Our intention is for Whale and Dolphin Tours.durban to act as a vehicle for building and uplifting our community and conserving our environment.
As far as complying with marine and aquatic regulations, we are registered with all relevant bodies and we comply with all safety and marine standards. Umhlanga Ocean Charters has obtained the relevant insurance for public liability. We are also registered members of all relevant tourism bodies.

We have partnered with
Whale Time which is a partner with Wild Lands Conservation Trust

We have committed to source and help cover costs of training tour guides from disadvantaged communities

We have committed to provide practical experience for these tour guides to enhance their skills

We have committed to working alongside Whale Time with regards to their scientific research activities.